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#Braindump – Coaching, we have a responsibility

I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say “Because of you I didn’t give up“ As coaches we have a responsibility to ensure the well being of our clients, whatever the sport we have a duty of care. The purpose of this post is to compile a list of […]


#Braindump – Very basic tips for climbing…

To help improve your own climbing ability you need to learn some basics and practice good climbing technique. It is important to always Warm Up properly before you start climbing. Your muscles and ligaments don’t function if they are tight and cold and you are at more risk of injuring yourself. Take time to route read before […]


#Braindump – Training, Climbing & Common Sense Tips

This is a bit of a project which will progress over time, the intention is to make a list of common sense approach tips for people who train to climb, whether it to get fitter, better, compete or push it to your maximum! Feel free to send suggestions through; Stages. Gradually increase your training volume […]



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This article is based on a number of other articles that have focused on the use of games on climbing and bouldering walls.  Some games and ideas are probably familiar to colleagues, others new and might require some trialing to adjust the basic tenet to suit their needs (and that of the group you are working with).  I don’t […]